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5 activities to do with your father in Amsterdam in 2020

Whether you are Dutch or visit the Netherlands from elsewhere, a weekend in Amsterdam might be perfect to spend some quality time with your father!

Here are five activities you could try:


Free walking tour

A free walking tour might be some of the best activities you can do. Amsterdam has a rich history, and a guide pointing out the small details and hidden gems makes the visit to this city so much more interesting.

What is the reason of the tall typical buildings, sometimes called dancing houses, are leaning to the side or forward? What is the link between the church in the red light district and sailors? Why is the jewish quarter of Amsterdam plenty of new buildings?

The tour is free to join, and at the end you give tips based on what you learned, and of course your budget! There are several operators with different tours (and languages), some of our receptionists have joined the tour from Sandemans!


Rent a bike

Biking is the perfect way to get around Amsterdam!

There are plenty of scenic spots, take your bike on the ferry (for free!) and discover the street art around NDSM in the north of Amsterdam, or try to find some of the 8 windmills of Amsterdam. The windmill "De Gooyer" might be the perfect finish of such a tour, not only is it the tallest wooden windmill of the Netherlands but has a brewery inside where you can sip on delicious IJ beers (a favorite of our staff!).

Bikes can be rented almost anywhere and cost around 15 euros per day.

Explore Amsterdam from a boat

Another good way to explore Amsterdam is by boat!

Blueboat company offers canal cruises, taking you to the best sights for around 15 euros. Or how about an evening cruise or even dinner on the boat?

Or if you are Dutch (or feeling like it), you can also rent your own boat! This option starts at about 80 euros for 3 hours, and you don't even need a license!

Heineken Experience

Opinions differ about Heineken. For some Dutchies it is their favorite beer, for some others it is the last beer they would drink.

But discovering (and tasting!) the sucess story of the oldest Brewery of Heineken can definitely be a fun experience and is perfect for rainy days.

What we would recommend is to book one of the later slots in the day! Visit Amsterdams attractions before, maybe get some snacks at the Albert Cuyp market next to the Heineken Experience, and then after the experience you are in a hip neighbourhood to have dinner (and maybe some more beers).

Taste some craft beer

Other than Heineken, there are plenty of other beers to taste!

Try as many as 158 craft beers (ok, maybe not in one go), discover 4 bars, and get a free t-shirt reminding you of the fun experience!

Morebeer offers plenty of beer related activities, a fun one is definitely the Morebeer tour!

If you would rather be on your own, check out the hip neighbourhood De Pijp in the south of Amsterdam! Other than the famous Albert Cuyp Market during the day, there are plenty of cool bars to check out. Maybe combine it with a delicious burger at the burgerbar (we definitely visit this place more than we should)!

Do you have other cool ideas? Let us know! 

And in case you would like to stay with us it would be our pleasure to give you more tips and insider knowledge about Amsterdam! You can contact book with us directly here, or contact us for a gift voucher.

We wish you a good day!